MSC Cruises will pay $500.000 in damages after MSC Armonia crash into the pier in Roatan

Apr 11, 2018

The authorities of the Merchant Navy have finalized the damage evaluation to the Port of Roatan infrastructure caused by the crash of the cruise ship MSC Armonia. According to the newspaper El Heraldo, the Insurance company of MSC will have to pay 13 Million Honduran Lempira which equals around 550.000 US Dollars. The cruise ship stayed anchored at the destroyed dock on Tuesday and delayed its departure due to damage assessment of the port and the ships hull. The preliminary report states that mechanical failure caused the ship to crash into the dock.

Port of Roatan Authorities have issued the following press release:

Evaluation of damages caused by MSC Armonia in Port of Roatan finalized

"With the collaboration of the authorities of the Ministry of Tourism, Ministry of the Environment and the Merchant Navy, the Port of Roatan concluded the assessment of the damages caused by the ship MSC Armonia to the cruise ship dock at the Port of Roatan.

The authorities of the Merchant Navy were able to corroborate the damage caused to the port infrastructure, making it possible for the ship to depart at dawn after insurance company of MSC granted a letter of undertaking to the Port of Roatan for the damages caused by the ship.

In accordance with international protocols, the merchant marine will issue the corresponding incident report. Puerto de Roatan thanks national authorities for the collaboration and reaffirms its commitment to expedite repairs to facilitate the arrivals of scheduled vessels."