Malaga To Start Self-Driving Shuttle Bus From the Cruise Terminal

May 15, 2018

Malaga is going to be the first city in Europe that will offer visitors a fully operational driverless bus service. The project named AutoMOST which started in 2017 aims to provide a smart public transport system for the tourists visiting Malaga. This experimental 9 million euro project is in the final stage. In fact, starting next year cruise ship passengers arriving in this Spanish city will be transferred from the cruise terminal to the city center by a fully autonomous shuttle bus without a driver, traveling the distance (around one kilometer)

There have been many autonomous vehicles operating in the city’s around Europe, however, this is the first time it is done with a bus of 12 meters in length with a capacity to transport 55 passengers.

This bus will be 100% electric, and will be equipped with all kinds of communications, sensors, positioning and guidance system of high precision and will be connected to a control center from which specific instructions can be indicated to each unit.

The benefits expected from transport automation are Safety - reduction of accidents associated to human error, Increased transport efficiency, social inclusion - making mobility for everybody possible for longer periods, accessibility in reaching city centres and other areas of difficult access.