iVittamobile - The SIM Card that will Change your life on board

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It is a well known fact that crew members are faced with difficulties using their mobile phones for phone calls and SMS as they are constantly changing ports. It is confusing to know which SIM Card to use when and where as well as the different service providers and roaming charges which are sky high. This problem is now solved with the iVittamobile SIM Card, designed uniquely for Seafarers. This revolutionary product, available only to Seafarers, will change ship life completely, we guarantee.

Firstly, let’s see how much crew currently spend on calling friends and family back home. Here is one example: Usually with your $10 phone card, to call Philippines you get 28 minutes which works out to 35 US Cents per minute. If you call from all European countries to Philippines with iVittamobile, you will pay 25 US Cents per minute. Rates for other countries are also lower compared to other service providers.  

One more significant advantage is that incoming calls are free to receive in the EU, Turkey and Russia, so your friends and family can call you back just like you are at home. That is why the days of running around the port to find free WiFi to get in touch with your loved ones or waiting in your cabin to get signal to make calls, are gone. Also there is now no need for multiple SIMs. For more rate information, visit www.ivittamobile.com and click on the ‘Call Rates’ tab.

Now let’s look at the average spend on an SMS message if you are using your SIM Card from back home. Charges are around 30 US Cents. With the iVittamobile SIM Card, it is only 10 US Cents to send SMS messages worldwide and free of charge to receive text messages.

iVittamobile is present on many cargo and cruise ships since early 2011 and has made ship life much easier for crew members. The company also contributes to the major Seafarers Charities like The Seafarers’ Centres, The Mission to Seafarers, Deutsche Seemannsmission, Sailors Society, Apostleship of the Seas, SCFS, etc. So anytime you use iVittamobile services you give back and support your crew community. 

What is The iVittamobile SIM Card?

iVittamobile is a  roaming SIM with no roaming charges. Supplied exclusively to Seafarers, call rates are in many cases far lower than using a local SIM in each country visited. 

For crew members, it means that just one SIM can be used for the same call and text rate wherever they go in Europe. It also means that as ships dock in different countries, calls can be made without the need to buy a SIM from the country the ship is passing through.

For the families of crew members, it means that crew can be reached on one phone number all the time, so communication becomes easier and faster 

iVittamobile has received a lot of praise since its launch:

"Thanks a lot for the wonderful SIM... You bring happiness for all of us here (Marcopolo) and we can easily call from Europe to all over the world and also receive calls and send SMS. You put us in a wonderful mood while at sea. Many thanks"

Ruel Depusoy, Marco Polo crew, Cruise and Maritime Voyages

"Good day! Through my seafarer husband, I got to know about IVITTAMOBILE SIM CARDS. I would like to commend the product as it really helps in the communication between me and him. We've even recommended this SIM CARD to friends we know."

Jennylyn Cabbuag, Philippines

"Since I have been able to use the Ivittamobile SIM I find myself being in more contact with my family, the text messages are cheaper to send than local sims on the market. Truly fantastic product."

Joel Soriano, MV Artemis, Carnival Cruises

Where can the iVittamobile SIM Card be purchased from?

iVittamobile SIM Cards are available in nearly 100 major ports. For exact locations visit their website at www.ivittamobile.com and click on the ‘Where to Buy’ tab. Alternatively, you can email support@ivittamobile.com

Top up vouchers can also be purchased online. – visit www.ivittamobile.com and click on the ‘Top Up’ tab.

If you’d like to purchase multiple SIMS and top up vouchers, please email support@ivittamobile.com

How does the iVittamobile SIM Card work ?

Each iVittamobile SIM Card is ready to use. Simply place the SIM in an unlocked mobile phone and it will register itself in a few minutes. The Seafarer is then ready to make his/her first call using the call back method or send his/her first text message. 

Making a Call

iVittamobile uses the call back method:. 

a) Dial your destination number using the full international dialling code (including 00 or +) and place your call. The phone will appear to drop the call. Wait a few seconds. 

b) The iVittamobile network will call you back, please answer this call. Once you have answered the call the network will connect you to your destination number. 

If you cannot connect from the network the phone is roaming on, try selecting an alternative network using manual network selection within the phones Settings menu. 

What are the main benefits?

- One SIM to call and text worldwide

- Very low prices for calls from Europe

- 10 US Cents to text worldwide

- Exclusively available to Seafarers

- Top up vouchers can be bought from over 100 ports worldwide or online

For further information, please email support@ivittamobile.com

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