Grandma Under Investigation For 300.00 Euro Insurance Fraud On Cruise Ship

Apr 07, 2018

An 81-year-old Italian woman is under investigation for falsely reporting a theft of her jewelry on a cruise ship for insurance money. The senior citizen ended up under investigation after she claimed that her prized possessions insured on around 300 thousand euros had been stolen from her stateroom safe. Last September the woman together with her friend took a Mediterranean cruise from Venice, bringing with her jewelry, gold, and watches, declared to embark. On the first day of the voyage, the woman reported to the ship's security and captain the disappearance of her jewelry and report was made by the police in Bari the following day. 

After reviewing the onboard surveillance cameras, ships security did not resume anyone entering into her stateroom during the time of the claimed theft. The only footage from the guest corridor CCTV cameras have revealed is a video of the same elderly lady putting a bag inside another bag, perhaps containing the "disappeared" jewels. The captain of the ship informed the authorities and the prosecution opened an investigation into insurance fraud.

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