Carnival Victory Indian Crew Members Arrive in Mumbai

Jun 06, 2020

A group of 227 Indian crew members from Carnival Victory disembarked the ship yesterday at the port of Seville and took on a charter flight to Mumbai. The disembarkation and transfer of the Indian crew to the Seville airport was carried out on nine buses in order to avoid any setbacks and ensure the operation is conducted following all safety protocols by the health authorities. The flight took off on Friday at 8 pm, and the crew landed in Mumbai on Saturday morning at around 9:30 am.

After reaching India, the crew was transferred to JW Marriott Hotel, Mumbai where they will spend the next 7 days in quarantine, and the following 7 days in self-isolation at home.

“Quarantine stay is also very very nice provided by our company,” said one crew member. “Our 67 Goan crew members will quarantine in their state only rest of 160 all crew from different states they will quarantine in Mumbai only” added the crew member.

The crew member sent us these photos from the hotel accommodation, where the Carnival Victory crew will be quarantined for the next 7 days.

Carnival Victory arrived at the Navantia shipyard in Cadiz, Spain, on March 12, in the midst of the coronavirus epidemic with more than 3,000 crew members and contractors. The ship was scheduled to undergo a major $200 million drydock transformation and emerge as the Carnival Radiance.

With the suspension of the shipyard activity,  the transformation of the ship was postponed and it remained moored at the dock. Carnival Cruise Line was gradually evacuating it’s employees, although the closure of airports and roads made it more and more difficult for them to leave. The majority of the crew stranded on Carnival Victory already left the shipyard on April 2, with thirty buses that took them to Malaga airport.