Carnival Cruise Line Lays off Deck and Engine Officers

Sep 21, 2020

In the past few days, Carnival Cruise Line has laid off more than a hundred shipboard deck and engine personnel. Among the employees who received a letter from the company, there are high ranking officers including eight captains (masters), five staff captains, five guest service managers, six executive chefs and six hotel directors, reports Cruise Law News.

In a letter send to the officers Carnival said that a “difficult decision has been made to implement job reductions within our shipboard team. Unfortunately, your position is one of these impacted and this letter is to confirm that we are not able to offer you any future contracts, effective September 17, 2020. While we cannot predict future circumstances, we believe this to be permanent in nature. We deeply regret that we find ourselves having to make this decision.

...The decision to make these employment separations was very difficult and is the result of unforeseen business circumstances related to the global pandemic. The Company reviewed all available options before deciding to undertake these measures. Unfortunately, the evolving situation and growing uncertainty prevent us from providing notice sooner.

... While we understand how difficult a time this is , we wish you the best in your future endeavor. All of us at Carnival want only the best for you, and hope that you, your family and loved ones remain in good health.”

Carnival Cruise Line officer, Marion Grammatica, who has spent 15 years of his career working on the Carnival cruise ships, expressed his feelings of great sadness.

“Today is a very bad day for me and for many Captains, Chief Engineers Deck and Engine Officers. Our beautiful company Carnival Cruise Lines choose to dismiss all of us. We understand the moment and we hope all the best for our company from the bottom of our heart. We are Carnival Family always.”

During these difficult times, we hope that all this will end as soon as possible so many of us can return to the cruise ships. Behind each cruise ship job of an officer, staff member or a crew member there is a story, a family behind each story, a family that depends on the seafarer. These breadwinners will find their way in the world and never give up. With a great experience gained over the years, it will not be difficult for them to find work. The fact is that one day the cruise lines will come back stronger but it will take a long time to recover, and with all the job cuts it will be even harder with letting go of all these talented and hard-working people.