61 coronavirus cases confirmed on Diamond Princess

Feb 07, 2020

Japan’s Ministry of Health has announced today an additional 41 people onboard Diamond Princes tested positive for Coronavirus, bringing the total numbers of infected to 61. Many ambulance vehicles lined up in front of the Diamond Princess to transport the patients for further medical treatment in Tokyo, Saitama, Chiba, Kanagawa and Shizuoka as the ship entered the third day in quarantine at the Port of Yokohama.

All 41 newly confirmed cases are passengers and none of them are seriously ill. The nationalities of the latest people who were infected by the virus are: Japanese 21, United States 8, Australia 5. Canada 5, United Kingdom 1, Argentina 1. About 3,700 passengers and crew are on the ship, which is under quarantine.

Princess Cruises has posted numerous updates regarding the latest developments. In their latest update, the company said “The Japanese Ministry of Health has confirmed the quarantine end date will be February 19, unless there are any other unforeseen developments. We understand and empathize with the frustration of many of our guests, crew, and their families across the world during this ever-evolving situation. Thank you for your continued patience during this challenging time.”

The cruise line has activated additional live TV channels, in-room movies, games, puzzles, and trivia on Diamond Princes to keep the guests occupied during the 14-days quarantine.

A message of support to all onboard Diamond Princess came from Royal Caribbean Japan. On their official twitter account, they posted a photo with Diamond Princess saying:

"Let’s send a message of support to people who are on board the Diamond Princess! Please attach the hashtag #Ganbare Diamond Princess and comment. May the voice of cruise lovers arrive onboard! We sincerely pray for everyone's safety!"

We like to send our love and support, especially to Diamond Princess crew performing their everyday work duties during these difficult times. Only you know how it feels to be on the forefront and for this, you deserve the utmost respect.