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Silversea Silver Galapagos Itinerary

Royal Caribbean Group sold two more cruise ships sailing under the Silversea Cruises and Celebrity Cruises brands reports The two ships, Silver Galapagos (built in 1990) and Celebrity Xperience (built in 1998) have found a buyer. The Celebrity Xperience went to the Panamanian shipping company Emerald Blue Cruises in December and was renamed Xperience. It is not yet known who is the buyer of the Silver Galapagos.

Download entire Silver Galapagos cruise ship Itinerary in a single PDF file for the seasons 2020. Find out where the ship is located at the exact date with arrival and departure times in port. Primarily this document is for use of Silversea crew members and their families, however, everyone is welcomed to share and use it. You can download the schedule in PDF at the bottom of the page.

Important notice: As the situation evolves with the current developments by the COVID-19 pandemic, cruise operators have canceled most of the voyages. The following itineraries were released at the beginning of the year 2020, before the start of the pandemic, therefore they are only to be used for informative purposes (historic data). We will keep these itineraries on the website until all comes back to normal and the cruise lines resume operations once again.

Silver Galapagos Itinerary and Sailing Calendar 2020

Sailing Date Port Arrive-Depart
1-Mar-2020 Isla Bartolome, Ecuador 01:15-12:00
1-Mar-2020 Playa Espumilla, Ecuador 14:30-22:30
2-Mar-2020 Punta Vicente Roca, Ecuador 06:30-12:30
2-Mar-2020 Punta Espinoza, Ecuador 14:30-06:00
3-Mar-2020 Caleta Tagus, Ecuador 06:30-11:00
3-Mar-2020 Bahia Elizabeth, Ecuador 14:30-19:00
4-Mar-2020 Post Office, Ecuador 06:30-10:15
4-Mar-2020 Islote Campion, Ecuador 11:30-15:00
4-Mar-2020 Punta Cormorant, Ecuador 15:20-18:00
5-Mar-2020 Cerro Dragon, Ecuador 23:00-14:00
5-Mar-2020 Las Bachas, Ecuador 15:20-22:00
6-Mar-2020 Puerto Ayora (Galapagos), Ecuador 02:15-00:00
6-Mar-2020 Puerto Ayora (Galapagos), Ecuador 00:00-23:00
7-Mar-2020 Baltra (Galapagos), Ecuador 02:30-16:30
7-Mar-2020 Daphne Island (Galapagos), Ecuador 17:30-00:30
8-Mar-2020 Bahia Darwin, Ecuador 06:45-00:00
8-Mar-2020 El Barranco, Ecuador 00:00-22:00
9-Mar-2020 Seymour Norte, Ecuador 03:00-12:30
9-Mar-2020 Bahia Sullivan, Ecuador 14:30-04:30
10-Mar-2020 Rabida (Galapagos), Ecuador 06:45-12:00
10-Mar-2020 El Eden, Ecuador 14:30-23:00
11-Mar-2020 Galapaguera Cerro Colorado, Ecuador 07:00-12:00
11-Mar-2020 Punta Pitt (Galapagos), Ecuador 15:00-22:30
12-Mar-2020 Bahia Gardner, Ecuador 03:30-13:00
12-Mar-2020 Punta Suarez (Galapagos), Ecuador 13:45-22:00
13-Mar-2020 Puerto Ayora (Galapagos), Ecuador 03:15-12:00
13-Mar-2020 Plaza Sur, Ecuador 14:30-22:00
14-Mar-2020 San Cristobal (Galapagos), Ecuador 01:45-16:15
14-Mar-2020 Roca Leon Dormido, Ecuador 17:15-18:30
15-Mar-2020 Isla Bartolome, Ecuador 01:15-12:00
15-Mar-2020 Playa Espumilla, Ecuador 14:30-22:30
16-Mar-2020 Punta Vicente Roca, Ecuador 06:30-12:30
16-Mar-2020 Punta Espinoza, Ecuador 14:30-06:00
17-Mar-2020 Caleta Tagus, Ecuador 06:30-11:00
17-Mar-2020 Bahia Elizabeth, Ecuador 14:30-19:00
18-Mar-2020 Post Office, Ecuador 06:30-10:15
18-Mar-2020 Islote Campion, Ecuador 11:30-15:00
18-Mar-2020 Punta Cormorant, Ecuador 15:20-18:00
19-Mar-2020 Cerro Dragon, Ecuador 23:00-14:00
19-Mar-2020 Las Bachas, Ecuador 15:20-22:00
20-Mar-2020 Puerto Ayora (Galapagos), Ecuador 02:15-00:00
20-Mar-2020 Puerto Ayora (Galapagos), Ecuador 00:00-23:00
21-Mar-2020 Baltra (Galapagos), Ecuador 02:30-16:30
21-Mar-2020 Daphne Island (Galapagos), Ecuador 17:30-00:30
22-Mar-2020 Bahia Darwin, Ecuador 06:45-00:00
22-Mar-2020 El Barranco, Ecuador 00:00-22:00
23-Mar-2020 Seymour Norte, Ecuador 03:00-12:30
23-Mar-2020 Bahia Sullivan, Ecuador 14:30-04:30
24-Mar-2020 Rabida (Galapagos), Ecuador 06:45-12:00
24-Mar-2020 El Eden, Ecuador 14:30-23:00
25-Mar-2020 Galapaguera Cerro Colorado, Ecuador 07:00-12:00
25-Mar-2020 Punta Pitt (Galapagos), Ecuador 15:00-22:30
26-Mar-2020 Bahia Gardner, Ecuador 03:30-13:00
26-Mar-2020 Punta Suarez (Galapagos), Ecuador 13:45-22:00
27-Mar-2020 Puerto Ayora (Galapagos), Ecuador 03:15-12:00
27-Mar-2020 Plaza Sur, Ecuador 14:30-22:00
28-Mar-2020 San Cristobal (Galapagos), Ecuador 01:45-16:15
28-Mar-2020 Roca Leon Dormido, Ecuador 17:15-18:30
29-Mar-2020 Isla Bartolome, Ecuador 01:15-12:00
29-Mar-2020 Playa Espumilla, Ecuador 14:30-22:30
30-Mar-2020 Punta Vicente Roca, Ecuador 06:30-12:30
30-Mar-2020 Punta Espinoza, Ecuador 14:30-06:00
31-Mar-2020 Caleta Tagus, Ecuador 06:30-11:00
31-Mar-2020 Bahia Elizabeth, Ecuador 14:30-19:00
1-Apr-2020 Post Office, Ecuador 06:30-10:15
1-Apr-2020 Islote Campion, Ecuador 11:30-15:00
1-Apr-2020 Punta Cormorant, Ecuador 15:20-18:00
2-Apr-2020 Cerro Dragon, Ecuador 23:00-14:00
2-Apr-2020 Las Bachas, Ecuador 15:20-22:00
3-Apr-2020 Puerto Ayora (Galapagos), Ecuador 02:15-00:00
3-Apr-2020 Puerto Ayora (Galapagos), Ecuador 00:00-23:00
4-Apr-2020 Baltra (Galapagos), Ecuador 02:30-16:30
4-Apr-2020 Daphne Island (Galapagos), Ecuador 17:30-00:30
5-Apr-2020 Bahia Darwin, Ecuador 06:45-00:00
5-Apr-2020 El Barranco, Ecuador 00:00-22:00
6-Apr-2020 Seymour Norte, Ecuador 03:00-12:30
6-Apr-2020 Bahia Sullivan, Ecuador 14:30-04:30
7-Apr-2020 Rabida (Galapagos), Ecuador 06:45-12:00
7-Apr-2020 El Eden, Ecuador 14:30-23:00
8-Apr-2020 Galapaguera Cerro Colorado, Ecuador 07:00-12:00
8-Apr-2020 Punta Pitt (Galapagos), Ecuador 15:00-22:30
9-Apr-2020 Bahia Gardner, Ecuador 03:30-13:00
9-Apr-2020 Punta Suarez (Galapagos), Ecuador 13:45-22:00
10-Apr-2020 Puerto Ayora (Galapagos), Ecuador 03:15-12:00
10-Apr-2020 Plaza Sur, Ecuador 14:30-22:00
11-Apr-2020 San Cristobal (Galapagos), Ecuador 01:45-16:15
11-Apr-2020 Roca Leon Dormido, Ecuador 17:15-18:30
12-Apr-2020 Isla Bartolome, Ecuador 01:15-12:00
12-Apr-2020 Playa Espumilla, Ecuador 14:30-22:30
13-Apr-2020 Punta Vicente Roca, Ecuador 06:30-06:00
13-Apr-2020 Punta Espinoza, Ecuador 14:30-20:00
14-Apr-2020 Caleta Tagus, Ecuador 06:30-11:00
14-Apr-2020 Bahia Elizabeth, Ecuador 14:30-19:00
15-Apr-2020 Post Office, Ecuador 06:30-10:15
15-Apr-2020 Islote Campion, Ecuador 11:30-15:00
15-Apr-2020 Punta Cormorant, Ecuador 15:20-18:00
16-Apr-2020 Cerro Dragon, Ecuador 23:00-14:00
16-Apr-2020 Las Bachas, Ecuador 15:20-22:00
17-Apr-2020 Puerto Ayora (Galapagos), Ecuador 02:15-00:00
17-Apr-2020 Puerto Ayora (Galapagos), Ecuador 00:00-23:00
18-Apr-2020 Baltra (Galapagos), Ecuador 02:30-16:30
18-Apr-2020 Daphne Island (Galapagos), Ecuador 17:30-00:30
19-Apr-2020 Bahia Darwin, Ecuador 06:45-00:00
19-Apr-2020 El Barranco, Ecuador 00:00-22:00
20-Apr-2020 Seymour Norte, Ecuador 03:00-12:30
20-Apr-2020 Bahia Sullivan, Ecuador 14:30-04:30
21-Apr-2020 Rabida (Galapagos), Ecuador 06:45-12:00
21-Apr-2020 El Eden, Ecuador 14:30-23:00


22-Apr-2020 Galapaguera Cerro Colorado, Ecuador 07:00-12:00
22-Apr-2020 Punta Pitt (Galapagos), Ecuador 15:00-22:30
23-Apr-2020 Bahia Gardner, Ecuador 03:30-13:00
23-Apr-2020 Punta Suarez (Galapagos), Ecuador 13:45-22:00
24-Apr-2020 Puerto Ayora (Galapagos), Ecuador 03:15-12:00
24-Apr-2020 Plaza Sur, Ecuador 14:30-22:00
25-Apr-2020 San Cristobal (Galapagos), Ecuador 01:45-16:15
25-Apr-2020 Roca Leon Dormido, Ecuador 17:15-18:30
26-Apr-2020 Isla Bartolome, Ecuador 01:15-12:00
26-Apr-2020 Playa Espumilla, Ecuador 14:30-22:30
27-Apr-2020 Punta Vicente Roca, Ecuador 06:30-12:30
27-Apr-2020 Punta Espinoza, Ecuador 14:30-06:00
28-Apr-2020 Caleta Tagus, Ecuador 06:30-11:00
28-Apr-2020 Bahia Elizabeth, Ecuador 14:30-19:00
29-Apr-2020 Post Office, Ecuador 06:30-10:15
29-Apr-2020 Islote Campion, Ecuador 11:30-15:00
29-Apr-2020 Punta Cormorant, Ecuador 15:20-18:00
30-Apr-2020 Cerro Dragon, Ecuador 23:00-14:00
30-Apr-2020 Las Bachas, Ecuador 15:20-22:00
1-May-2020 Puerto Ayora (Galapagos), Ecuador 02:15-00:00
1-May-2020 Puerto Ayora (Galapagos), Ecuador 00:00-23:00
2-May-2020 Baltra (Galapagos), Ecuador 02:30-16:30
2-May-2020 Daphne Island (Galapagos), Ecuador 17:30-00:30
3-May-2020 Bahia Darwin, Ecuador 06:45-00:00
3-May-2020 El Barranco, Ecuador 00:00-22:00
4-May-2020 Seymour Norte, Ecuador 03:00-12:30
4-May-2020 Bahia Sullivan, Ecuador 14:30-04:30
5-May-2020 Rabida (Galapagos), Ecuador 06:45-12:00
5-May-2020 El Eden, Ecuador 14:30-23:00
6-May-2020 Galapaguera Cerro Colorado, Ecuador 07:00-12:00
6-May-2020 Punta Pitt (Galapagos), Ecuador 15:00-22:30
7-May-2020 Bahia Gardner, Ecuador 03:30-13:00
7-May-2020 Punta Suarez (Galapagos), Ecuador 13:45-22:00
8-May-2020 Puerto Ayora (Galapagos), Ecuador 03:15-12:00
8-May-2020 Plaza Sur, Ecuador 14:30-22:00
9-May-2020 San Cristobal (Galapagos), Ecuador 01:45-16:15
9-May-2020 Roca Leon Dormido, Ecuador 17:15-18:30
10-May-2020 Isla Bartolome, Ecuador 01:15-12:00
10-May-2020 Playa Espumilla, Ecuador 14:30-22:30
11-May-2020 Punta Vicente Roca, Ecuador 06:30-12:30
11-May-2020 Punta Espinoza, Ecuador 14:30-06:00
12-May-2020 Caleta Tagus, Ecuador 06:30-11:00
12-May-2020 Bahia Elizabeth, Ecuador 14:30-19:00
13-May-2020 Post Office, Ecuador 06:30-10:15
13-May-2020 Islote Campion, Ecuador 11:30-15:00
13-May-2020 Punta Cormorant, Ecuador 15:20-18:00
14-May-2020 Cerro Dragon, Ecuador 23:00-14:00
14-May-2020 Las Bachas, Ecuador 15:20-22:00
15-May-2020 Puerto Ayora (Galapagos), Ecuador 02:15-00:00
15-May-2020 Puerto Ayora (Galapagos), Ecuador 00:00-23:00
16-May-2020 Baltra (Galapagos), Ecuador 02:30-16:30
16-May-2020 Daphne Island (Galapagos), Ecuador 17:30-00:30
17-May-2020 Bahia Darwin, Ecuador 06:45-00:00
17-May-2020 El Barranco, Ecuador 00:00-22:00
18-May-2020 Seymour Norte, Ecuador 03:00-12:30
18-May-2020 Bahia Sullivan, Ecuador 14:30-04:30
19-May-2020 Rabida (Galapagos), Ecuador 06:45-12:00
19-May-2020 El Eden, Ecuador 14:30-23:00
20-May-2020 Galapaguera Cerro Colorado, Ecuador 07:00-12:00
20-May-2020 Punta Pitt (Galapagos), Ecuador 15:00-22:30
21-May-2020 Bahia Gardner, Ecuador 03:30-13:00
21-May-2020 Punta Suarez (Galapagos), Ecuador 13:45-22:00
22-May-2020 Puerto Ayora (Galapagos), Ecuador 03:15-12:00
22-May-2020 Plaza Sur, Ecuador 14:30-22:00
23-May-2020 San Cristobal (Galapagos), Ecuador 01:45-16:15
23-May-2020 Roca Leon Dormido, Ecuador 17:15-18:30
24-May-2020 Isla Bartolome, Ecuador 01:15-12:00
24-May-2020 Playa Espumilla, Ecuador 14:30-22:30
25-May-2020 Punta Vicente Roca, Ecuador 06:30-12:30
25-May-2020 Punta Espinoza, Ecuador 14:30-06:00
26-May-2020 Caleta Tagus, Ecuador 06:30-11:00
26-May-2020 Bahia Elizabeth, Ecuador 14:30-19:00
27-May-2020 Post Office, Ecuador 06:30-10:15
27-May-2020 Islote Campion, Ecuador 11:30-15:00
27-May-2020 Punta Cormorant, Ecuador 15:20-18:00
28-May-2020 Cerro Dragon, Ecuador 23:00-14:00
28-May-2020 Las Bachas, Ecuador 15:20-22:00
29-May-2020 Puerto Ayora (Galapagos), Ecuador 02:15-00:00
29-May-2020 Puerto Ayora (Galapagos), Ecuador 00:00-23:00
30-May-2020 Baltra (Galapagos), Ecuador 02:30-16:30
30-May-2020 Daphne Island (Galapagos), Ecuador 17:30-00:30
31-May-2020 Bahia Darwin, Ecuador 06:45-00:00
31-May-2020 El Barranco, Ecuador 00:00-22:00


  • Technical Specifications of Silver Galapagos
  • Year built: 1990
  • Shipyard Builder: CNF Cantiere Navale Ferrari SpA (La Spezia, Italy)
  • Class: Expedition ship
  • OperatorSilversea Cruises (Silversea Expeditions)
  • Maximum Speed: 18 kn / 33 kph / 21 mph
  • Length (LOA): 88 m / 289 ft
  • Beam (width): 15 m / 49 ft
  • Gross Tonnage: 4077 gt
  • Passengers Capacity: 100-120
  • Crew: 75
  • Decks: 6



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