Report from MSC Meraviglia crew member: Positive crew are transferred to Covid hotel in Italy

Jun 15, 2022

A crew member, together with about 40 shipboard employees who tested positive aboard MSC Meraviglia, reports that they have been transferred to a Covid hotel in Genoa, Italy. The crew member said that MSC Cruises has restored the policy to disembark crew towards land facilities in order to contain the number of positive cases on board within limits that can be acceptable by different port health authorities.

The crew member describes that the condition at the shore facility is desperate, with 10 crew members isolated in one room for a week. The hygiene at the facility and the food are at a very low level, the crew member said.

“I am a Crew member on MSC Meraviglia and I would like to let you know how is the treatment for the crew. During this week a lot of crew tested positive for COVID 19.

I tested positive on board and the company send us to a really bad place in Genova. We almost have no food all day, we are sick and starving, even the doctor didn’t see us to give some medicine, we are in a place locked without any professional or employer to assist us.

The place is really terrible, they transfer us last afternoon after staying like 10 positive people inside in the same room."

"In the hospital inside the ship, we were waiting for 7 hours there without windows and hungry.

Also, the company took money from our ShipMoney card, they change our card after disembarking and gave us new ShipMoney but the envelope was open and MSc Geneva removed 203,01 dollars from our account and later they deposited 500 yesterday!! I don’t know why and I never heard about the company take money from our ShipMoney card.

We are human, we need respect, we need support, we need to be safe. I want to cry every time here.”