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MSC Cruises Full Fleet Back To Operation

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MSC Cruises reached a major milestone in its resumption of cruising after more than two years, with all 19 MSC cruise ships have now returned to service. The cruise line is back in full operation as MSC Musica becomes the last MSC cruise ship to return to passenger operations.

MSC Cruises has been an essential part of rebuilding cruises around the world, as the company has become a leader in cruising during the pandemic.

This has made health and safety measures that have changed the cruise industry and the way we look at cruise ships as an extremely safe way to travel.

At a time when most cruise companies have almost resumed operations with most of their ships, the crew and officers at MSC Musica will be happy to finally get a chance this weekend. Sailing from Monfalcone, Italy, the MSC cruise ship will operate a series of 7-day Mediterranean cruises.

Departing from Monfalcone in Italy, she will head to the Catacolon in Greece, where guests can visit the famous and historic Olympia, the birthplace of the Olympic Games. This is followed by two more stops in Greece, Heraklion and Santorini, before the ship sails for Bari, and then Monfalcone.

MSC Musica will have great company as it sails on Sunday, June 5th. It departs from the same port where two more MSC ships are under construction, MSC Seascape and Explorer I.

The return of MSC Musica means that 19 ships are now operational for MSC Cruises. Most vessels are currently in the Mediterranean, except for MSC Divina and MSC Seashore operating in the Caribbean, MSC Magnifica in Iceland and MSC Bellis in the Persian Gulf.

The return of MSC Musica marks the end of a hectic and exciting time for MSC Cruises. Not only has the company made a major breakthrough by expanding its fleet from 17 to 19 during the pandemic, but there are even more ships that will go on sale in 2022 and beyond.

While most of the cruise industry had to sit on the sidelines and wait, MSC Cruises persuaded the Italian government to allow the cruise to sail.

To achieve this safely, MSC developed a series of health and safety measures that are still followed by almost all cruise lines operating worldwide.