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Costa Cruises takes delivery of Costa Toscana, the New LNG-Powered ship

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By releasing the third ship powered by liquefied natural gas, Costa Cruises further proves the obligation to sustainable innovation. The new “smart city” on the sea is Costa Toscana, made with the most advanced technology for reduced emissions in the maritime industry and was delivered on 2nd of December, 2021. So far, the Costa Group (Costa Cruises and AIDA Cruises) a pioneer in use of liquefied natural gas on cruise ships has implemented it in AIDAnova and Costa Esmeralda, which are already in operation, the new Costa Toscana and upcoming AIDACosma. 

This LNG technology enables improvement in sustaining the environment while at sea, or during calls in ports. It almost eliminates the emission of sulfur oxide (zero emissions) and particular matter, as well as reducing nitrogen oxide emissions and CO2.

"Costa Toscana reinforces our commitment to sustainable innovation by further contributing to the use of LNG applied to cruise ships, a technology that we pioneered. It is an innovation that is part of a constantly evolving path of ecological transition. Indeed, we are also working on testing further innovations, such as fuel cells and batteries, with the aim of eventually achieving the first cruise ship with net zero emissions," - said Mario Zanetti, President of Costa Cruises. "At the same time, thanks to her excellent and innovative features and services, Costa Toscana will be able to attract new cruise guests, supporting us in consolidating our presence in the Mediterranean and our gradual restart plan".

Costa Toscana’s inaugural sailing will be on 5th of March, 2022 from Savona, Italy on a 7-day cruise, including Marseille, France; Barcelona and Valencia in Spain; Palermo Civitavecchia/Rome in Italy. 

Other modern technology features are enhancing Costa Toscana, like transforming the seawater into water for all purposes onboard by using desalination plants, minimizing the energy consumption through an intelligent energy efficiency system and, of course the total separation of the waste and recycling onboard.

Costa Toscana is a tribute to Tuscany, as well as personification to the best of the Italian region, related to that name. 15 partners highly appreciated for their Italian excellence had their participation in designing of this marvelous vessel with 2,600 cabins reflecting the Italian style and taste.