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Viking Cruises

Download Viking Sea cruise ship Itinerary for the seasons 2019, 2020, and 2021 voyages in one file. Crew center is the only place on the web where you can download the year-round itinerary for more than 250 cruise ships operated by the major cruise lines including Viking ocean cruises. Specially designed for crew members needs this is a great way to track all the ports they visit. 

Viking Sea Itineraries Schedule

Viking Sea29-Dec-2019Santarem, Brazil
Viking Sea30-Dec-2019Parintins, Brazil
Viking Sea31-Dec-2019Manaus, Brazil
Viking Sea1-Jan-2020At Sea, Int. Waters
Viking Sea2-Jan-2020At Sea, Int. Waters
Viking Sea3-Jan-2020At Sea, Int. Waters
Viking Sea4-Jan-2020Belem, Brazil
Viking Sea5-Jan-2020At Sea, Int. Waters
Viking Sea6-Jan-2020At Sea, Int. Waters
Viking Sea7-Jan-2020Scarborough, Trinidad and Tobago
Viking Sea8-Jan-2020Castries, St Lucia
Viking Sea9-Jan-2020St. John's (Antiqua)
Viking Sea10-Jan-2020Saint Thomas, US Virgin Islands
Viking Sea11-Jan-2020San Juan, Puerto Rico
Viking Sea12-Jan-2020San Juan, Puerto Rico
Viking Sea13-Jan-2020Road Town (Tortola), BVI
Viking Sea14-Jan-2020Basseterre, St Kitts and Nevis
Viking Sea15-Jan-2020Castries, St Lucia
Viking Sea16-Jan-2020Bridgetown, Barbados
Viking Sea17-Jan-2020Roseau, Dominica
Viking Sea18-Jan-2020St. John's (Antiqua)
Viking Sea19-Jan-2020Philipsburg (St. Maarten)
Viking Sea20-Jan-2020Saint Thomas, US Virgin Islands
Viking Sea21-Jan-2020San Juan, Puerto Rico
Viking Sea22-Jan-2020San Juan, Puerto Rico
Viking Sea23-Jan-2020Road Town (Tortola), BVI
Viking Sea24-Jan-2020Basseterre, St Kitts and Nevis
Viking Sea25-Jan-2020Castries, St Lucia
Viking Sea26-Jan-2020Bridgetown, Barbados
Viking Sea27-Jan-2020Roseau, Dominica
Viking Sea28-Jan-2020St. John's (Antiqua)
Viking Sea29-Jan-2020Philipsburg (St. Maarten)
Viking Sea30-Jan-2020Saint Thomas, US Virgin Islands
Viking Sea31-Jan-2020San Juan, Puerto Rico
Viking Sea1-Feb-2020San Juan, Puerto Rico
Viking Sea2-Feb-2020Road Town (Tortola), BVI
Viking Sea3-Feb-2020Basseterre, St Kitts and Nevis
Viking Sea4-Feb-2020Castries, St Lucia
Viking Sea5-Feb-2020Bridgetown, Barbados
Viking Sea6-Feb-2020Roseau, Dominica
Viking Sea7-Feb-2020St. John's (Antiqua)
Viking Sea8-Feb-2020Philipsburg (St. Maarten)
Viking Sea9-Feb-2020Saint Thomas, US Virgin Islands
Viking Sea10-Feb-2020San Juan, Puerto Rico
Viking Sea11-Feb-2020San Juan, Puerto Rico
Viking Sea12-Feb-2020Road Town (Tortola), BVI
Viking Sea13-Feb-2020Basseterre, St Kitts and Nevis
Viking Sea14-Feb-2020Castries, St Lucia
Viking Sea15-Feb-2020Bridgetown, Barbados
Viking Sea16-Feb-2020Roseau, Dominica
Viking Sea17-Feb-2020St. John's (Antiqua)
Viking Sea18-Feb-2020Philipsburg (St. Maarten)
Viking Sea19-Feb-2020Saint Thomas, US Virgin Islands
Viking Sea20-Feb-2020San Juan, Puerto Rico
Viking Sea21-Feb-2020San Juan, Puerto Rico
Viking Sea22-Feb-2020At Sea, Int. Waters
Viking Sea23-Feb-2020Bridgetown, Barbados
Viking Sea24-Feb-2020At Sea, Int. Waters
Viking Sea25-Feb-2020Iles Du Salut, French Guiana
Viking Sea26-Feb-2020At Sea, Int. Waters
Viking Sea27-Feb-2020At Sea, Int. Waters
Viking Sea28-Feb-2020Santarem, Brazil
Viking Sea29-Feb-2020At Sea, Int. Waters
Viking Sea1-Mar-2020Parintins, Brazil
Viking Sea1-Mar-2020Manaus, Brazil
Viking Sea2-Mar-2020Manaus, Brazil
Viking Sea3-Mar-2020At Sea, Int. Waters
Viking Sea4-Mar-2020At Sea, Int. Waters
Viking Sea5-Mar-2020Belem, Brazil
Viking Sea6-Mar-2020At Sea, Int. Waters
Viking Sea7-Mar-2020At Sea, Int. Waters
Viking Sea8-Mar-2020Scarborough, Trinidad and Tobago
Viking Sea9-Mar-2020Castries, St Lucia
Viking Sea10-Mar-2020St. John's (Antiqua)
Viking Sea11-Mar-2020Saint Thomas, US Virgin Islands
Viking Sea12-Mar-2020San Juan, Puerto Rico
Viking Sea13-Mar-2020Philipsburg (St. Maarten)
Viking Sea14-Mar-2020At Sea, Int. Waters
Viking Sea15-Mar-2020At Sea, Int. Waters
Viking Sea16-Mar-2020At Sea, Int. Waters
Viking Sea17-Mar-2020At Sea, Int. Waters
Viking Sea18-Mar-2020At Sea, Int. Waters
Viking Sea19-Mar-2020At Sea, Int. Waters
Viking Sea20-Mar-2020Funchal (Madeira), Portugal
Viking Sea21-Mar-2020At Sea, Int. Waters
Viking Sea22-Mar-2020Cadiz, Spain
Viking Sea23-Mar-2020At Sea, Int. Waters
Viking Sea24-Mar-2020Valencia, Spain
Viking Sea25-Mar-2020Barcelona, Spain
Viking Sea26-Mar-2020Barcelona, Spain
Viking Sea27-Mar-2020Marseille, France
Viking Sea28-Mar-2020Monte Carlo, Monaco
Viking Sea29-Mar-2020Livorno (Florence/Pisa), Italy
Viking Sea30-Mar-2020Civitavecchia (Rome), Italy
Viking Sea31-Mar-2020Naples, Italy


  • Ship Statistics
  • Cruise line:  Viking Cruises
  • Double occupancy/max occupancy:  930 /
  • Year built: 2015
  • Tonnage: 47800 GT
  • Length overall: 745ft (227m)
  • Beam: 95ft (28m)
  • Draught: 21ft (6.3m)
  • Cruising speed: 20 knots
  • Flag: Norway
  • Class: Star


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