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Complete MSC Divina cruise ship Itinerary in a single PDF file for the season 2019-2020 voyages. Find out where the ship is located at the exact date from January to December with arrival and departure times in port of call including current, past and future itineraries. Primarily this document is for use of MSC crew members and their families, however, everyone is welcome to share and use it.
MSC Divina Sailing Schedule Jan-Feb 2020
MSC DIVINA1-Jan-2020Colon, Panama09:00-19:00
MSC DIVINA2-Jan-2020Puerto Limon, Costa Rica08:00-17:00
MSC DIVINA3-Jan-2020At Sea, Int. Waters00:00-23:59
MSC DIVINA4-Jan-2020Costa Maya, Mexico09:00-18:00
MSC DIVINA5-Jan-2020At Sea, Int. Waters00:00-23:59
MSC DIVINA6-Jan-2020Ocean Cay, The Bahamas09:00-23:00
MSC DIVINA7-Jan-2020Miami (Florida)07:00-17:00
MSC DIVINA8-Jan-2020Ocean Cay, The Bahamas08:00-23:55
MSC DIVINA9-Jan-2020At Sea, Int. Waters00:00-23:59
MSC DIVINA10-Jan-2020Costa Maya, Mexico09:00-18:00
MSC DIVINA11-Jan-2020At Sea, Int. Waters00:00-23:59
MSC DIVINA12-Jan-2020Miami (Florida)07:00-17:00
MSC DIVINA13-Jan-2020At Sea, Int. Waters00:00-23:59
MSC DIVINA14-Jan-2020Costa Maya, Mexico09:00-18:00
MSC DIVINA15-Jan-2020At Sea, Int. Waters00:00-23:59
MSC DIVINA16-Jan-2020Ocean Cay, The Bahamas08:00-18:00
MSC DIVINA17-Jan-2020Miami (Florida)07:00-19:00
MSC DIVINA18-Jan-2020At Sea, Int. Waters00:00-23:59
MSC DIVINA19-Jan-2020Falmouth, Jamaica10:30-18:00
MSC DIVINA20-Jan-2020At Sea, Int. Waters00:00-23:59
MSC DIVINA21-Jan-2020Colon, Panama08:00-18:00
MSC DIVINA22-Jan-2020Puerto Limon, Costa Rica08:00-18:00
MSC DIVINA23-Jan-2020At Sea, Int. Waters00:00-23:59
MSC DIVINA24-Jan-2020Roatan, Honduras08:00-18:00
MSC DIVINA25-Jan-2020Costa Maya, Mexico08:00-18:00
MSC DIVINA26-Jan-2020At Sea, Int. Waters00:00-23:59
MSC DIVINA27-Jan-2020Ocean Cay, The Bahamas09:00-23:00
MSC DIVINA28-Jan-2020Miami (Florida)07:00-17:00
MSC DIVINA29-Jan-2020Freeport, The Bahamas08:00-18:00
MSC DIVINA30-Jan-2020Ocean Cay, The Bahamas07:00-23:55
MSC DIVINA31-Jan-2020Miami (Florida)07:00-15:30
MSC DIVINA1-Feb-2020At Sea, Int. Waters00:00-23:59
MSC DIVINA2-Feb-2020San Juan, Puerto Rico15:30
MSC DIVINA3-Feb-2020San Juan, Puerto Rico09:00-18:00
MSC DIVINA4-Feb-2020Philipsburg (St. Maarten)07:00-14:00
MSC DIVINA5-Feb-2020At Sea, Int. Waters00:00-23:59
MSC DIVINA6-Feb-2020Nassau, The Bahamas12:00-18:00
MSC DIVINA7-Feb-2020Miami (Florida)07:00-19:00
MSC DIVINA8-Feb-2020At Sea, Int. Waters00:00-23:59
MSC DIVINA9-Feb-2020Falmouth, Jamaica10:30-18:00
MSC DIVINA10-Feb-2020At Sea, Int. Waters00:00-23:59
MSC DIVINA11-Feb-2020Oranjestad (Aruba)07:00-14:00
MSC DIVINA12-Feb-2020Cartagena, Colombia09:00-17:00
MSC DIVINA13-Feb-2020Colon, Panama08:00-18:00
MSC DIVINA14-Feb-2020At Sea, Int. Waters00:00-23:59
MSC DIVINA15-Feb-2020Costa Maya, Mexico10:30-18:30
MSC DIVINA16-Feb-2020At Sea, Int. Waters00:00-23:59
MSC DIVINA17-Feb-2020Ocean Cay, The Bahamas09:00-23:00
MSC DIVINA18-Feb-2020Miami (Florida)07:00-17:00
MSC DIVINA19-Feb-2020Freeport, The Bahamas08:00-18:00
MSC DIVINA20-Feb-2020Ocean Cay, The Bahamas07:00-23:55
MSC DIVINA21-Feb-2020Miami (Florida)07:00-15:30
MSC DIVINA22-Feb-2020At Sea, Int. Waters00:00-23:59
MSC DIVINA23-Feb-2020San Juan, Puerto Rico15:30
MSC DIVINA24-Feb-2020San Juan, Puerto Rico11:00-21:00
MSC DIVINA25-Feb-2020St John s, 07:00-18:00
MSC DIVINA26-Feb-2020At Sea, Int. Waters00:00-23:59
MSC DIVINA27-Feb-2020At Sea, Int. Waters00:00-23:59
MSC DIVINA28-Feb-2020Miami (Florida)07:00-20:00
MSC DIVINA29-Feb-2020At Sea, Int. Waters00:00-23:59
Ship Info
Double occupancy/max occupancy:  3877 / 4100
Crew:  1410
Year built:  2012
Tonnage:  139000
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