Motorhead Announces Cruise Festival

Motorhead released their own motorboat cruise. The ship will pass through Miami, Key West and the island of Cozumel, Mexico, but the dates of departure were not disclosed, much less the bands that will perform during the trip, only Motorhead is confirmed. footnote In the facebook , personal Motorhead reported that the trip will be the "loudest party on a ship in the world. This type of cruise is nothing new, similar events have led Weezer and even Coachella festival. This cruises also became fashionable, with Cruise crowded second tier bands performing.

Despite the announcement, Motorhead is not performing regularly lately, all due to health problems Lemmy. band canceled twice European tour, for example, but intends to perform at Coachella will happen in March in California. Vocalist recently received a pacemaker to regulate his heartbeat.


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