High Winds Delay Carnival Paradise to Dock at Port of Tampa

Adverse weather conditions prevented Carnival Paradise from docking in his homeport Tampa. Port authorities said that Carnival cruise ship was not able to dock because of the high winds and was redirected to dock at a nearby cargo pier until weather improves. 

John Heald, Carnival's Senior Cruise Director last update states "Tampa Pilots will now board the Paradise at 1.30PM local time. Tug boats have been secured and are in route to the ship. Paradise will now shift to Terminal # 2 for guest disembarkation and embarkation. Further updates will be provided later today concerning our itinerary"

Carnival released the following statement:

"Today’s scheduled arrival of the Carnival Paradise at the Port of Tampa has been delayed given the current weather and sea conditions.

However, the vessel was able to dock at a cargo pier where it will remain until weather conditions improve and it can proceed to the cruise terminal. Guests departing on today’s voyage have been notified of the current situation and have been asked to delay their arrival to the cruise terminal until further notice. "