Daredevil Evicted For Jumping Off Cruise Ship

An American tourist daredevil jumps off a cruise ship from the deck while the ship is moving slowly past a beach on Grand Turk Island (Turks and Caicos Islands). The jump was about 50-60 feet and captured on his GoPro camera. Witnesses reported him to local police, leading him to be detained, then booted off the vessel, then promptly flown home - sadly bringing his vacation to a sudden end. Lesson learned don't jump from a ship, at least not a cruise ship!

From shooter

"the jump took place on the Grand Turk Islands. The jump was roughly 50 to 60 feet. And I went underwater maybe 20 feet or so. It was maybe a 15 minute swim to shore. I was then escorted by the local police back to the crew ship. Where they then brought me into a small room and told me that I was going to have to disembark the ship immediately. They kicked me off and I had to spend a couple days on the island. They then flew me home the next day."