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Off the coast of Istanbul a crew member ended her life

A female crew member died off the coast of Istanbul. No information are given on board the cruise that ends by skipping the last port and sails directly from Istanbul to Venice. At the center of the story, Costa Cruises, an episode that has already occurred aboard the Costa Favolosa, one of the giants of the Costa fleet. The victim was an American dancer who was part of the crew and, according to the preliminary findings, the woman committed suicide by jumping from parapet off the coast of Istanbul. There is no confirmation and crew members who work on Favolosa are kept  silenced, especially if they are asked by passengers. What is certain is that the ship will not stop tomorrow in Dubrovnik, as planed and  will go directly from Istanbul to Venice.

Just a few months ago Costa Magica was the scene of a similar incident. In June a 21 year old Brazilian waitress disappeared on board Magica near the coast of Sicily. This incident has not been solved. Similar story covers this case two and there where rumors that Brazilian waitress committed suicide.

According to the British newspaper Guardian, Carnivals negative record is the highest of all the cruise companies in the sector. In the last 12 years there was  a total of 182 missing persons: at least 19 this year alone.