Oceania Sirena Itinerary

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Oceania Cruises

Download Oceania Sirena cruise ship Itinerary in a single PDF file for the season 2019, 2020, and 2021 voyages. Find out where the ship is located at the exact date with the arrival from January till December and departure times in port. Primarily this document is for use of Oceania Cruises crew members and their families, however, everyone is welcomed to share and use it. You can download the schedule in PDF at the end of the page.

Oceania Sirena Itineraries Schedule 2020

1-Jan-2020WedPanama Canal Transit, Panama06:00-18:00
2-Jan-2020ThuCartagena (Colombia), Colombia11:00-18:00
3-Jan-2020FriAt Sea, At sea - 
4-Jan-2020SatGeorge Town, Cayman Islands08:00-16:00
5-Jan-2020SunAt Sea, At sea - 
6-Jan-2020MonMiami FL, United States of America07:00-17:00
7-Jan-2020TueKey West, United States of America08:00-17:00
8-Jan-2020WedAt Sea, At sea - 
9-Jan-2020ThuHarvest Caye, Belize09:00-18:00
10-Jan-2020FriRoatan Island, Honduras08:00-18:00
11-Jan-2020SatCosta Maya, Mexico08:00-17:00
12-Jan-2020SunAt Sea, At sea - 
13-Jan-2020MonMiami FL, United States of America07:00-18:00
14-Jan-2020TueAt Sea, At sea - 
15-Jan-2020WedAt Sea, At sea - 
16-Jan-2020ThuOranjestad, Aruba11:00-23:00
17-Jan-2020FriWillemstad, Curacao07:00-19:00
18-Jan-2020SatKralendijk, Bonaire07:00-14:00
19-Jan-2020SunSt. George's (Grenada), Grenada14:00-23:00
20-Jan-2020MonCastries, St Lucia, West Indies10:00-19:00
21-Jan-2020TueSt. John's (Antiqua), Antigua and Barbuda09:00-19:00
22-Jan-2020WedGustavia, St Barts, French West Indies07:00-14:00
23-Jan-2020ThuAt Sea, At sea - 
24-Jan-2020FriAt Sea, At sea - 
25-Jan-2020SatMiami FL, United States of America07:00-17:00
26-Jan-2020SunKey West, United States of America07:30-17:30
27-Jan-2020MonAt Sea, At sea - 
28-Jan-2020TueRoatan Island, Honduras08:00-18:00
29-Jan-2020WedHarvest Caye, Belize08:00-17:00
30-Jan-2020ThuCosta Maya, Mexico08:00-17:00
31-Jan-2020FriAt Sea, At sea - 
1-Feb-2020SatMiami FL, United States of America07:00-18:00
2-Feb-2020SunAt Sea, At sea - 
3-Feb-2020MonAt Sea, At sea - 
4-Feb-2020TuePhilipsburg St. Maarten, Netherlands10:00-19:00
5-Feb-2020WedFort de France, Martinique, French West Indies11:00-20:00
6-Feb-2020ThuCastries, St Lucia, West Indies08:00-18:00
7-Feb-2020FriSt. John's (Antiqua), Antigua and Barbuda08:00-15:00
8-Feb-2020SatSan Juan, Puerto Rico08:00-14:00
9-Feb-2020SunAt Sea, At sea - 
10-Feb-2020MonGreat Stirrup Cay, Bahamas12:00-19:00
11-Feb-2020TueMiami FL, United States of America06:00-17:00
12-Feb-2020WedAt Sea, At sea - 
13-Feb-2020ThuCosta Maya, Mexico08:00-18:00
14-Feb-2020FriHarvest Caye, Belize08:00-18:00
15-Feb-2020SatRoatan Island, Honduras08:00-17:00
16-Feb-2020SunCozumel, Mexico10:00-19:00
17-Feb-2020MonAt Sea, At sea - 
18-Feb-2020TueMiami FL, United States of America06:00-17:00
19-Feb-2020WedKey West, United States of America08:00-17:00
20-Feb-2020ThuAt Sea, At sea - 
21-Feb-2020FriHarvest Caye, Belize09:00-18:00
22-Feb-2020SatRoatan Island, Honduras08:00-18:00
23-Feb-2020SunCosta Maya, Mexico08:00-17:00
24-Feb-2020MonAt Sea, At sea - 
25-Feb-2020TueMiami FL, United States of America07:00-18:00
26-Feb-2020WedAt Sea, At sea - 
27-Feb-2020ThuAt Sea, At sea - 
28-Feb-2020FriOranjestad, Aruba11:00-23:00
29-Feb-2020SatWillemstad, Curacao07:00-19:00
1-Mar-2020SunKralendijk, Bonaire07:00-14:00
2-Mar-2020MonSt. George's (Grenada), Grenada14:00-23:00
3-Mar-2020TueCastries, St Lucia, West Indies10:00-19:00
4-Mar-2020WedSt. John's (Antiqua), Antigua and Barbuda09:00-19:00
5-Mar-2020ThuGustavia, St Barts, French West Indies07:00-14:00
6-Mar-2020FriAt Sea, At sea - 
7-Mar-2020SatAt Sea, At sea - 
8-Mar-2020SunMiami FL, United States of America07:00-18:00
9-Mar-2020MonAt Sea, At sea - 
10-Mar-2020TueAt Sea, At sea - 
11-Mar-2020WedGustavia, St Barts, French West Indies11:00-18:00
12-Mar-2020ThuFort de France, Martinique, French West Indies09:00-19:00
13-Mar-2020FriCastries, St Lucia, West Indies08:00-18:00
14-Mar-2020SatSt. John's (Antiqua), Antigua and Barbuda08:00-15:00
15-Mar-2020SunSan Juan, Puerto Rico08:00-14:00
16-Mar-2020MonAt Sea, At sea - 
17-Mar-2020TueGreat Stirrup Cay, Bahamas12:00-19:00
18-Mar-2020WedMiami FL, United States of America06:00-18:00
19-Mar-2020ThuAt Sea, At sea - 
20-Mar-2020FriAt Sea, At sea - 
21-Mar-2020SatSanta Marta, Colombia08:00-17:00
22-Mar-2020SunOranjestad, Aruba12:00-23:00
23-Mar-2020MonWillemstad, Curacao08:00-21:00
24-Mar-2020TueKralendijk, Bonaire07:00-14:00
25-Mar-2020WedSt. George's (Grenada), Grenada13:00-22:00
26-Mar-2020ThuBridgetown, Barbados09:00-18:00
27-Mar-2020FriCastries, St Lucia, West Indies08:00-17:00
28-Mar-2020SatSt. John's (Antiqua), Antigua and Barbuda09:00-19:00
29-Mar-2020SunGustavia, St Barts, French West Indies07:00-14:00
30-Mar-2020MonAt Sea, At sea - 
31-Mar-2020TueAt Sea, At sea - 



  • Oceania Sirena Ship Specifications:
  • Double occupancy/max occupancy: 684/824
  • Crew: 400
  • Year built: 1999
  • Tonnage:  30277
  • Length overall:  594ft (181m)
  • Beam:  84ft (25.5m)
  • Draught:  19.5ft (5.9m)
  • Cruising speed:  18 knots
  • Flag:  Marshall Islands
  • Former names:  Ocean Princess, Tahitian Princess, R Four
  • Class:  R Class