Sudden wind change force Crown Princess dangerously close to the pier

May 03, 2018

The cruise ship Crown Princess in Kotor, Montenegro has been blown close to the wharf while it was being battered by strong gusts of wind. The giant 113.000 tons vessel which was anchored in Boka Kotorska Bay found itself driven close to the pier at the coast of Kotor, today. Luckily an experienced local pilot Captain Tihomir Andric, boarded Crown Princess and took the ship to safety.

“Very close call this morning! We were anchored in the bay and a sudden wind change blew the ship and she dragged her anchor. We were dangerously close to the shallows. We were told to remain in our cabins until the captain safely navigated us to a new mooring. All is good now and we left the ship to enjoy the day in Kotor, Montenegro.” wrote Tanya Rollin, a passenger on Crown Princess sharing the following photo on the social media.

crown princess in kotor

Due to strong winds, the tendering operation for passengers was stopped and is expected to be continued after the ship is anchored on a new position where it will be less exposed to the winds.

Here is a video of Crown Princess in Kotor, recorded today.