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Letter from Costa Cruises crew members - Employee promotion and advancement opportunities need to change

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Several crew members working aboard Costa Cruises ships voiced their disappointment about the promotion opportunities in the company and the lack of transparency about the policy of future advancement. A crew member said that after joining Costa Cruises, seven years ago, as a Snack Steward his ambition to become a waiter was partially realized despite all his efforts to achieve his goal. The crew members added that the employee promotion and advancement policy needs to be based on equal opportunities and transparency in order for the company to keep the experienced crew.

“To date, I didn't understand what is the hierarchy in this company. I joined Costa Cruises as Snack Steward in 2015 and till now unable to become Waiter. After Snack Steward I worked as F&B Attendant, later did Waiter training and was promoted as F&B Server same job of Waiter but difference in salary. 

I asked the management how to become Waiter from F&B Server they replied saying that i need to complete 2 contracts as Server then i will be promoted to Waiter. When I was about to complete 2nd contract as Server they made me Waiter C, not Waiter. Again went to the management asking about the new position and same question about when I'll be Waiter. This time they replied saying complete 3 contracts as Waiter C and you will be promoted to Waiter. But when i completed the 3rd contract as Waiter C they changed the position to Waiter B2 and salary same as Waiter C. I don't know when I'll be Waiter in this Company but to date, I tried my best to be loyal with this company and I think now it's time to move because here till now I don't see my future stepping up in my career.

They say we provide equal opportunities to all no matter of Nationality, gender, etc. But the reality is quite the opposite. At Costa everything is possible if you are coming from some of the privileged nations, you know what I mean. If you are Asian believe me it's better to work for American company but not Costa as your job will be never appreciated here. The hierarchy here gives a headstart to the privileged nationalities I.e. if you are from one of them you can switch from one department to another ex. One inventory officer can become F&B director here, CDP can become Dining Room Manager and many more only if you are a one from a privileged national.”

Another Costa Cruises crew member sent the following letter to Crew Center:

“For the past five years, I have been constantly doing my job honestly and with same dedication. Meanwhile, as I was thinking to grow at the same time so the last two contracts i asked for training for promotion hence onboard. Luckily i received promising i will get a position change in my next contract so I gave my best and did everything as per company procedure and completed my contract without having any warnings or without violating any rules and then covid happened.

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When I went home and ask for a promotion they told me that promotions are frozen and then they gave me the same position contract and told me that should go on board and ask for the same. So I trusted that word and signed contract again, but when i asked onboard they said i need to complete training again and then we can proceed with your change of position. Again i completed my training and went home and when asked for position they said promotions are closed. I really felt very bad that after all my efforts and hard work i did there is no appreciation from company for crew and then company offered me new contract with same position. They told me you should go onboard and ask for same. I want this issue to be noticed by all higher authority and let the ones who are trying to grow in there life understand that this thing before even trying and please confirm with your head of department or supervisors for same,” the crew member said.

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