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Carnival Cruise Line's Mardi Gras Team Honored For Rescue At Sea

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Captain Niccolo De Ranieri and the crew of the Carnival Cruise Line's Mardi Gras were recognized for their rescue operation that saved 16 lives. This acknowledgment came in the form of the Cruise Ship Humanitarian Assistance Award presented by the Association for Rescue at Sea (AFRAS) during their annual awards ceremony in Washington, D.C.

In his acceptance speech, Captain De Ranieri expressed pride in his team's efforts, emphasizing the mariner's responsibility to aid those in distress at sea.
“Receiving this award is a humbling reminder of the responsibility we have as mariners. I’m proud of my team’s brave and coordinated efforts during this rescue,” said Captain De Ranieri. “It’s an honor to be recognized, and I’m thankful those 16 people were brought to safety.”

It is a maritime custom to help anyone in distress at sea. In 2023, Carnival teams completed six separate rescues, helping to bring 57 stranded people to safety.

The Rescue Operation
The rescue operation unfolded on June 3, 2022, as Mardi Gras was sailing back to Port Canaveral, Florida. Amidst rough seas near Cuba and the threat of an approaching hurricane, the crew spotted a vessel in distress carrying eleven men and five women. Demonstrating exceptional skill and courage under challenging conditions, Captain De Ranieri and his team executed a successful rescue operation, bringing all 16 stranded individuals aboard Mardi Gras.

After the rescue the individuals were evaluated by the ship's medical staff and provided with essential care, including food and clothing. Coordination with the U.S. Coast Guard ensured their safe transfer, with the effective response and humanitarian approach of the Mardi Gras crew.

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