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Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines 2023 itineraries of the cruise ship Bolette with homeports and ports-of-call including dates and times. Find out where the ship is sailing and future vessel deployment at the exact date with arrival and departure times. The following monthly cruise ship calendar is updated frequently using the latest official itineraries released by Fred. Olsen. You can also download a full year-round itinerary of the ship at the end of this page in a pdf format. This file is intended for the cruise ship crew, and their families back home to keep track of the ship’s itinerary. Please note that the pdf file is uploaded at the beginning of the year and there are no updates set for this cruise timetable format.

Bolette Itinerary 2023

Southampton, England - 19 Nov. - N/A
Tangier, Morocco23 Nov. - N/A23 Nov. - N/A
La Valletta, Malta26 Nov. - N/A26 Nov. - N/A
Alexandria, Egypt29 Nov. - N/A29 Nov. - N/A
Port Said, Egypt30 Nov. - N/A30 Nov. - N/A
Suez Canal30 Nov. - N/A01 Dec. - N/A
Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt02 Dec. - N/A02 Dec. - N/A
Safaga, Egypt03 Dec. - N/A03 Dec. - N/A
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia05 Dec. - N/A05 Dec. - N/A
Salalah, Oman09 Dec. - N/A09 Dec. - N/A
Mumbai, India12 Dec. - N/A12 Dec. - N/A
Mormugao (Goa), India13 Dec. - N/A13 Dec. - N/A
Mangalore, India14 Dec. - N/A14 Dec. - N/A
Cochin, India15 Dec. - N/A15 Dec. - N/A
Uligan, Maldives16 Dec. - N/A16 Dec. - N/A
Gan, Maldives18 Dec. - N/A18 Dec. - N/A
Mahe, Seychelles21 Dec. - N/A22 Dec. - N/A
Praslin Island, Seychelles23 Dec. - N/A23 Dec. - N/A
La Digue, Seychelles24 Dec. - N/A24 Dec. - N/A
Mombasa, Kenya28 Dec. - N/A29 Dec. - N/A
Zanzibar, Tanzania30 Dec. - N/A30 Dec. - N/A
Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania31 Dec. - N/A31 Dec. - N/A
Mayotte, Comoros02 Jan. - N/A02 Jan. - N/A
Nosy Be, Madagascar03 Jan. - N/A03 Jan. - N/A
Diego Suarez, Madagascar04 Jan. - N/A04 Jan. - N/A
Saint-Denis, Reunion07 Jan. - N/A07 Jan. - N/A
Port Louis, Mauritius08 Jan. - N/A10 Jan. - N/A
Tamatave, Madagascar12 Jan. - N/A12 Jan. - N/A
Fort Dauphin, Madagascar14 Jan. - N/A14 Jan. - N/A
Maputo, Mozambique17 Jan. - N/A17 Jan. - N/A
Richard's Bay, South Africa19 Jan. - N/A19 Jan. - N/A
Durban, South Africa20 Jan. - N/A20 Jan. - N/A
East London, South Africa22 Jan. - N/A22 Jan. - N/A
Port Elizabeth, South Africa23 Jan. - N/A23 Jan. - N/A
Mossel Bay, South Africa24 Jan. - N/A24 Jan. - N/A
Cape Town, South Africa26 Jan. - N/A29 Jan. - N/A
Walvis Bay, Namibia31 Jan. - N/A31 Jan. - N/A
Principe, Sao Tome and Principe04 Feb. - N/A04 Feb. - N/A
Cotonou, Benin06 Feb. - N/A06 Feb. - N/A
Lome, Togo07 Feb. - N/A07 Feb. - N/A
Takoradi, Ghana08 Feb. - N/A08 Feb. - N/A
Dakar, Senegal12 Feb. - N/A12 Feb. - N/A
Tenerife, Canary Islands15 Feb. - N/A15 Feb. - N/A
Funchal, Madeira16 Feb. - N/A16 Feb. - N/A
Southampton, England20 Feb. - N/A -
Southampton, England - 20 Feb. - N/A
Rotterdam (Amsterdam), Holland21 Feb. - N/A22 Feb. - N/A
Amsterdam, Holland23 Feb. - N/A24 Feb. - N/A
Southampton, England25 Feb. - N/A -
Southampton, England - 25 Feb. - N/A

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  • Ship Data:
  • Tonnage: 62,735 GT
  • Staterooms: 690
  • Passengers capacity: 1,338 -standard occupancy
  • Number of Crew: 615
  • Bars & Lounges: 11
  • Restaurants: 6
  • Onboard Facilities: Swimming pools, Spa, Gym, Jacuzzis, Sports Courts, Culinary Theatre
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