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Funny video of a woman dancing in the morning hours on a cruise ship NCL Norwegian Escape. She is enjoying cruise ship band all by her self 


Check out this cool cruise ship video made by the music duo Two of Us, onboard Celebrity Equinox in 2014. They decided to make music video of their electronic single - Starparty in cruise ship crew elevator together with the Equinox crew members. Aldo little bit violent at the beginning you must admit this is quite original video.


You Tube channel Fox 4 released gruesome video, shot by the cruise passenger Matt Davis on the last night on Carnival Ecstasy charismas cruise. The video shows blood pouring from the elevator on Deck 10. Later Matt found out that an electrician got hurt, and passed away. Miami-Dade said the victim is 66-year-old Jose Sandoval Opazo.


Shakira stars at the new promotional campaign for Costa Cruises in 2016 named -The Happiness at the Square! With this slogan Costa Cruises launched a new advertising campaign to the social networks in order to present new image to the public in 2016. 

This video was uploaded on You Tube by Fabio Rauzino. However if you go on official Costa Cruises YouTube Chanel you will find out that certain countries are not allowed to view the video. What is definition by Costa Cruises for Social Media campaign if the whole world can’t see it?


Video of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries testing AIDA Cruises, cruise ship AIDAprima in a 2nd sea-trial from Nagasaki, Japan. The new flagship of AIDA fleet, has completed the second test run ahead in Japan. After the trial Prima was brought back with tugboats in the harbor.

Hit by strong unpredictable winds up to 140Kts in the Tasman Sea Explorer of the seas experienced severe Storm. People onboard say the cruise ship tilted dramatically. To make the maters worst 180 people onboard were struck with Norovirus. 

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Dramatic video of a cruise ship heading directly to a small boat. The party boat broke down in front of a large cruise ship and the vessel turned in a last minute to avoid direct collision. According to the trash containers with program “Save the waves” it is Celebrity or Royal Caribbean Cruise ship.

Meet the captain of a Princess Cruises ship John Foster and find out about the technology behind steering a cruise ship, along with the advanced safety precautions, systems, highly trained officers, and staff that make cruising a very safe and enjoyable way to spend a holiday.

Watch closely how the Illusionist Drew Thomas teleport himself from the helipad of Royal Caribbean's Freedom of the Seas to the other end. Doing what’s never been done before Drew used 4 GoPro's, a drone, and a cruise ship with 4 cameras rolling simultaneously capturing the magic like never before. 

Born in Dayton, Ohio and raised in Columbus, Drew is magnetic and captivating entertainer, illusionist His performances is seen by 100 million people worldwide and his acts as a finalist on America's Got Talent.  

As a part of NBA entertainment he designed magic shows for the Orlando Magic and Milwaukee Bucks and for Universal Studios and onboard Royal Caribbean Freedom of the Seas cruise ship.

About the life onboard Freedom of the Seas, Drew says is no simple task. He is bring to the guests onboard his powerful illusions for over 6-years.

This amazing video was captured by Phil Jaynes under the cruise ship M/S Seaward which was tied to the pier in Cozumel. Phil and his colleague made assumption that if the ship was tied up the bridge wouldn't turn on the propellers. They were wrong. Luckily no one was injured

The cruise premiere of Norwegian Escape was celebrated on the day of the initial startup on 23 October 2015 a Sailaway Party and a large fireworks display at the jetties. For this purpose, the Escape with the assistance of tugs from Hamburg Cruise Center in Steinwerder drove backwards to the jetties. The second part of the video shows the Norwegian Escape on the Elbe at the ferry dock.


Costa Concordia had one of the nices crew bars and as you can see from this video great crew singing and dancing together as one. This video was taken on the last day atthe end of Brazil season in 2010 with a big crew party in the crew bar.


Ramada Ricecake performing Striptease on Christina Aguilera's song "Nasty Naughty Boy" on Crew Party for Philippines Independence day onboard Princess Cruise ship.


Amazing Video shoot during Norwegian Escape conveyance from the shipyard to the North Sea. The tug boat was submerged by the cruise ship propellers from stern during the transport along the river ems.


Pullmantur cruise ship has sexy activaties onboard organizing wet t-shirt contest with passengers. One of the most popular travel agency’s in Brazil specialized in organizing excellent charter cruises for young people who want to party 24/7 Carnavio, organized sexy wet t-shirt party onboard Pullmantur Sovereign. Take a look at the video and enjoy this Brazilian Party.

There are hundreds of cruise ships at sea, but only one of them, off the coast of New England, is making waves and history for women. Kate McCue is on her maiden voyage at the helm of the Celebrity Summit. She's leading the 14-day cruise with more than 2,100 passengers and a crew of about 950. 

Check out the fans of the US reality show Jackass making their own painful stands on a cruise ship. This Brazilian crew member performs a jackass with opening a champagne bottle aimed to his testicles. Probably he wanted to get extra day off. What a mambruko

Time lapse that has been made during the contract on the Azamara Quest in 2014 using Hero GoPro3+

by Anton Tonkoy

Rinell Banda made this video to inspire and motivate people like me who are dreaming to work in a cruise ship following their dreams to travel the world..

Working in a cruise ship is a real pain and hard work but the reward is worth fulfilling.

Nice to see a judge who realizes that all of us go through certain parts of our lives where we might not make the best decisions as opposed to faceless nameless criminals.

Funny video of cruise ship party on open deck. Everything is great for one couple grind dancing when the bout fell on de dance floor on cruise ship. Guess they drink too much and get carried away.

How to get a job on a Royal Caribbean cruise ship? What to expect from the cruise ship job? All of that answers you can find in this video. For newcomers cruise ship environment is very stressful and everyone needs time to adapt. This video will help you to find out how is life and work on Royal Caribbean. This is official company video to help crew members. Enjoy and do not forget to like it and share with you friends.

This is official video created by Celebrity Cruises. The video presentation What every Crew Member should know for Celebrity Solstice class ship is created to help new crew members adapt by explaining all crew facilities and guest areas. You can also see testimonials on crew members giving their pointers and their experience working on Celebrity Solstice class ships.

Inside Celebrity Eclipse galley.

Some woman idea for cruise holiday is picking up a fights for all the stupid reasons. This is one more video of a cat fight on cruise ship. Probably the fight started like what are you looking at me or that’s my iced tea or give me back my ice-cream. Some people need to stay in their cruise cabins for the rest of the cruise.

A 17-year-old girl from South Carolina took an ugly, but hilarious fall on a stair railing aboard a Spring Break cruise ship while her friend recorded the now viral video. 

The video was from a cruise two months ago during spring break and was originally tweeted by Schwenker’s friend Maddie Frank, who was asked by Schwenker to delete it. Frank kept the video and eventually posted the video on Twitter with Schwenker’s permission. The video went viral with over 22 million views

Liverpool is a city that will forever be part of our history, having been Cunard’s home from the beginning in 1840, until 1967. When Queen Mary 2 arrived on 24 May, she hosted a Champagne reception and lunch. On 25 May all three Queens reunited in Liverpool for the first time in history. Sailing in formation and meeting on the famous waterfront of their spiritual home, the fleet performed a water ballet together, creating a spectacular one-off event. Thousands of people viewed the display from the banks of the Mersey which was later concluded with a brilliant firework display.

These were the information’s send before I joined Royal Caribbean Cruise ship for embarkation.

US Cruise ship Passenger Arrested For Drug Possession in Bahamas

Three days ago on YouTube surfaced this video by the user VarisDaritajs showing some strange gadget that apparently can get you free internet on cruise ship. We personally do not believe this is true but with modern technology and today’s Brainiacs everything is possible. What do you think?