Everything you wanted to know about sex on a cruise ship ... but you were too embarrassed to ask

Apr 02, 2016

By Luciano Carniel (Best Blog for Crew) 

YES, crewmembers have sex on the ship
YES, crewmembers have sex in the cabins
YES, privacy is almost none.
YES, there are cabins for couples but usually for the married ones and depends on availability in one of the few cabins for two on board. Staffs and officers have the preference.

YES, I already heard "something", but nothing absurd. I always mentioned to my roommates do not care, but if I would make hear some noise, I would open the curtain and ask to stop. I never had to do that.
Once one of my cabin mates organized an “operation” for each one of us slept in other cabins so he uses ours to celebrate his girlfriend anniversary. It was funny to watch him prepare the cabin for the occasion.

YES, not only the roommates but also the neighbors can hear “something”. The walls are very thin; I use to talk with Karine almost every night, each one in the own cabin.
I had a friend that heard from the neighbor on the “next day” after having sex with his girlfriend something: "you had a good time last night, I heard everything!".

YES, there are virgins on the ship ... so says the legend, especially on some Indian men. They say that can only have sex after marriage.
One of them is over 30 years old and swears to be a virgin.
Once on the crowded elevator, a Brazilian girl touched the butt unintentionally on an Indian boy, who began and cry for forgiveness because he had touched her that way.
In another hand another Indian guy told me he had sex with women from many places around the world but never with one of his countries. He says he has no patience, especially because nothing happens to them.

Yes there are gays on board, but only a few are assumed, mainly the Brazilians. There is a legend on board of a "place" (better not mention) that says they relate well each other sexually. The ones of the same sex!
Prejudice does not scroll, because the person can be sent away for it. Prejudice is present but is masked.
Some Eastern European girls mentioned that homosexuality in some of these countries is still a taboo.
It was funny seeing some of the guys when they had to serenade on the restaurant for a couple of men who were celebrating their honeymoon. There are always gay and lesbian couples as passengers.

Yes cheating also happens in here. “Such situation”!!! Worse is that everyone ending knowing about it
- Yes, some people meet in the ship and end up getting married.
- Yes, there is some broken hearts
- Yes, there is some broken hearts

It is not general but some of the means think that all the Brazilian girls are prostitutes. These guys believe that the Brazilian girls are like "the ladies" from the whorehouse they visiting in Brazil.

Tip for the girls: Be careful because some guys have the "wife" and "the ship's wife." Enjoy it but do not live an illusion. In other hands, some foreigner is so crazy about Brazilians woman

Yes, some couples are just "ship lovers." As Aline says: "do not pass out the gangway". Under certain cases, this is clear and on mutual agreement.

Yes we have condoms distributed for free in the crew purser's office. Just get it on, the bad news is that there is no onboard campaign to use it and has some little minds on here... In the case of a girl get pregnant on board she is landed without any right and in some cases, the father is a foreigner looking for fun and is difficult to establish contact with him.

Yes, the guys usually go to the whorehouse on the ports (remember the female crew is much smaller than the male), mainly in Brazil. Here in Europe, this things are much more expensive compared to our country (Brazil).
According to a Colombian guy, a "Ecuadorian whore ugly" charges E$ 30.00 (euros) in Barcelona, against around R$ 30, 00 (Reais) for a much more interesting Brazilian women.
Imagine how funny is for me hear lots of foreigners talking about places like ABC House (Santos) and Scandinavia (in Rio de Janeiro) (some Brazilian whorehouse). The guys go crazy.
There is another legend that some girls offer their services for the crew in exchange for a few euros, dollars or pounds. Nobody ever offered me nothing like this.

Yes, there is a porno movie trafficking on board. Many of them pirated copies purchased in Brazil. There is a Brazilian guy whose has a hundred of these DVD's earning some money from the rental of these titles to other crewmembers.

- Yes, all the crew officially follow the rule of not engaging with passengers.
- Yes, passengers have already been caught having sex in unusual places.

Jamaicans guys sell for the crew a black stone on the size of a pill promising:1:30 hours of erection for those who follow the instructions given for them on a piece of paper. I've been offered but I refused it. But it costs $ 20.00 each. According to them you to dilute it in the water and pass the water in the penis head. It is not recommended before oral sex. It's all on paper instruction. Have a friend who will use with her boyfriend, let's wait for her experience to see if it works.


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